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small win to end 2009

I received a text today that I was a winner of a $100 Gift card from Bud Light. I am so pleased that I won something today, as I feel that it helped end this year on a positive note.

I've been debating on what direction I wanted to go in, in regards to my hobby. I haven't made any concrete plans yet, and I wish I have. It would be really nice to have a concrete idea of how I wanted 2010 to go in.

I want 2010 to be about ME for a change. Totally against what I've been taught and how I've lived the last 42 years of my life. But I need change and change starts from within.

What this means exactly I am not sure of. I just want to quit trying to over compensate in all my relationships. Weather it's feeling the need to spoil my daughter, so I feel like we have a strong mother daughter relationship, or stop spending money and giving in other people in my life, so I feel loved. I'm tired of feeling like I have to buy my family and friends.

So next year's sweeping might be more about me. Usually I try to enter for things for my family and friends. I figure it they won something, then it would be a blessing to them. But so far either it isn't working and they aren't winning anything, or they have and don't tell me.

If anyone that I know, that is interested in this hobby, I would be more than willing to share my knowledge and help them in that way. However, if they want to enter, then they can do it themselves.

The only person this doesn't apply to, is my child. I would love to win something really really nice for her and/or in her name. I know she would get a kick out of that!

So off with the old and in with the new. At midnight tonight, we will throw our coins out and make a wish. I will also be howling at the moon, as it will be a blue full moon tonight. We sweepers tend to go into all of that, because of the hope it gives us that a win might be around the corner.

Blessings to you and yours.