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1st win of the year!

Today when I got up and checked my email ( which is what I do every morning..basically my OCD routine kicking in each day) I got this e-mail...

"Congratulations! You were chosen from Lee Jean?s 120-A-Day promotion on Facebook to win a free pair of jeans on us! Look for them to arrive in the next 4-6 weeks. It may be our birthday, but it?s definitely your party!"

Now I'm not really a jean wearing person. I use to love wearing them in high school, but when you are born with short arms like myself, it always makes it interesting to actually zip up and button those damn things. Especially if you are "cursed..oh I mean blessed, with big boobs. Talk about a pain in the butt!

BUT either these will work out or I will donate them to a charity of some kind. Either way, I'm happy. It starts the year off good for me, and I'm pleased with that. PLUS, as a sweeper, we are kind of superstitious and feel that any win on a Monday (which is today) is good luck and means that you are likely to win another contest/sweepstakes before the end of the week.

Now I have no clue how this got started or anything, but since it is Monday today and I won something, then I am so into thinking and hoping that I will win something else later this week. It puts a smile on my face and a little spring in my step.

So hopefully this will be a great year for me in regards to my hobby. I try to have a new mantra each new year. Last year wasn't very great, but I kept it..We'll be doing fine, in 2009. Yeah I know, pretty lame. But we came out on the other side of 2010 and we are all in one piece, so that's OK by me.

This year's mantra is "I'm going win, in 2010!" I think that sounds good, don't you? I am trying to stay more positive and happier than I was last month. I couldn't really wait for December to be over with. With worrying over my Aunt, who has lung cancer, my Mom's health declining, and other issues, I was just totally stressed!

But it's a new year. I'm not really into new year's resolutions or anything, but then maybe I am? I don't make diet plans. I have only one real memory of trying "hard" to diet, and I ended up sick. So now, I basically try to eat better (HA HA HA) and be happy with what I have.

I stand at 3'6" tall and no amount of weight loss will ever have me looking like Angelina Jolie, or Catherine Zeta Jones. Of course, I could look better, I do realize that. But I'm happy for the most part with my body. Except for the big boobs. I don't want cancer and pray I never go down that road personally, but I am interested in learning more about breast reduction. Right now my chest area looks like two huge utters off of a dang cow and it's not pretty people! I knew I should have worn a better support bra when I was younger.

Oh well, I am not going to think too long about that for now. I'm just pleased that I am back into my hobby and hopefully will get my game on, if ya know what I mean? Plus, I am also blogging more, which I am really enjoying. I know my followers are not many..(Hi sissy), but that's OK too. I'm going to continue to work on it, and see where I end up by the end of 2010. So stick around and see what happens with me. I will be sharing my wins, my disappointments, my funny stories on being short and other odd things with you.