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Back in the Saddle Again, Take Two!

Well this is a little hard to get back into the groove.  Mainly because my biggest fan/most loyal reader passed away and that person was my Dad.  He always checked every day to see if I would add anything.  When he died, I was just getting over the passing of my Mom.  Then bam! Now I get to learn how to do this thing called life without my parents!  To be honest, it was easier this time around, but still very hard at times.

I was in Las Vegas with my sister when we got the news!  Thank God for my husband who took care of me and all of the details.  Four months after my Dad passed, so did my favorite cousin, Lana!  She had suffered with several strokes for the past 18 months.  Losing all these people in my family took me into a deep depression again, that I wasn't sure if I ever could crawl out of.  When my Mother passed away  I stopped entering sweepstakes slowly until eventually it became stopped completely, I stopped going out, stopped bing social.  Basically I just wanted to stop life, so that I wouldn't and couldn't be hurt anymore. That doesn't mean I was suicidal, since I love my daughter, husband and my family and friends which are in my life, but I couldn't comprehend the impact of my Mom not being in my life any more on a day to day basis.  I did try to keep up with my friends, that I had gotten to know through entering sweepstakes by attending conventions and keeping in touch via facebook and other places where sweepers hang out at. However when my Dad passed I basically quit everything regarding sweepstakes.  I just wasn't winning anything via the efforts that I had tried (which wasn't much to be honest).

Thankfully I am here to say that I did crawl out of the pit of depression (knock on wood).  Now that's not to say that I never get some kind of sadness or down in the dumps kind of mood.  Everyone in life will have that experience, if they live long enough. Thankfully,  I am in a happier place in my life right this moment and I thank God for it!

So here I am back on this blog and also trying to get back into the swing of sweepstaking and other hobbies (which I might share at another time on this blog)  I have plans on promoting this blog and learning more many things that are in my mind at the moment, of what I want to do and accomplish.  I'm actually excited about and look forward to living life once again. I pray I get that chance.

Anyway, if you are reading this then I am thankful for you as well.  I hope I will not disappoint anyone that starts reading this blog!

Until Next Time