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Spring Break Updates

Well my little one (who isn't so little anymore, it seems) just recently had a week off of school for spring break.  I love spring and I am so glad that it's here.  Even though you couldn't tell that it was spring, as a couple of days ago we had SNOW!  I am just amazed by the weather here, cause where I live in Texas, we never really get that much snow and this is the most snow we have had in so many years and on the official day of spring, it snows!  Go figure.

So with my child being off of school, I felt that it was my Mommybird duty to give her some attention and make plans and keep them, and just enjoy being a Mom and a family.  So I didn't blog.  I missed it though and I should probably have checked in, as I was fortunate to have won several things from last week.

Starting with Sunday, March 12th through March 18, 2010 I won:
  • $50 Adidas Gift Card from a text sweep
  • Desperate Housewives Calendar - Online Sweep
  • $10 Dollar General gift card  - Online Sweep
  •  Trevor Hall CD - Online Sweep 
  • $100 Kroger Gift Card - FIRST SNAIL MAIL SWEEP WIN
  •  2 free movie pass - Local Online Sweep
and then in today's email I found out that I won
  • 2 MORE free movie pass - From a different Local Online Sweep
another Monday win, so I would love to think that the wins will continue to roll on in, this week too.

During Spring Break I also had a delivery from a win earlier this year.  I received A mini-helmet display case which is suppose to be worth $100!  Now I am not a sport memorabilia collector, so I am trading this with someone from my local sweeps club for sweepstakes supplies, which I do love!  The display case with the mini helmets did look nice though and I also thought I would share a photo of that win here today with you guys.

During spring break, we also had company.  My husband and I allowed our child to invite a friend to spend the night, which turned into two night (ah the joys of childhood) and then later in that week, we also had two cousins spend the night.  (However, we did learn our lesson and told our child that it would only be for one night).  I even surprised myself by taking my child and her friend out for brunch on Sunday at I-Hop, as well as to the park twice in one week.  We also rented several movies during this week, as my child was ssssoooo BORED this week, when her friends/family were not around.  I now have a new appreciation for teachers and year long schools.  I am seriously thinking about finding an all year school for my kid, as I am dreading this summer.  

I will not only be driven nuts by hearing how bored my kid is, but also will probably have to declare bankruptcy from trying to find things to do, to entertain her. And before anyone mentions, I do realize that I shouldn't have to entertain her so much or spend much to do it, as it makes a child spoiled. I just remember how long and lonely the summer was when I was between the ages of 11-12.   I was too old for toys, but too young for boys.  (Of course, I had my older sister to aggravate when I got really, really bored and alas my child doesn't have any siblings) I also know that bored teens/tweens tend to get into more trouble.  So it my hope for this summer to be filled with more activities than we usually do in the summer time.  Normally, we just veg out for three months in front of the computer/TV/grandma's house.  I just want something different this year.

What fun things do you like to do with your tween/teen?  I am thinking swimming, library's (Thank God my child loves to read), dollar movies, park, arts & crafts,and maybe throw in Six Flags, if it's possible, money wise.  I, of course, am also praying that I win things like Six Flags tickets,casa maƱana tickets and things like that.  It always help financially during the summer, to entertain my child and also myself.  I don't know about anyone else, but I hate being stuck in the house all summer, even though I also admit, I hate getting out in the heat too.

One thing that I am hoping and praying that we get to do, before school is out is to go and see the musical Wicked.  It's coming to our area and my daughter and I so desperately want to see this.  I have a family member that went to the one in Chicago, and loved it! 

Well that's it for now.  I am hoping to get back into blogging more this week.  Maybe every other day or so.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spring time weather.  Hopefully no more snow! (I can't believe I just wrote THAT)

Until Next Time