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A pretty GRAND week for me!

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I had hopes that the week would be filled with more wins, as I had a win on Monday.  I've talked before about the superstition that sweepers seem to have with this in this post here.

Well, after winning two movie passes on Monday, I got an envelope in my mailbox, with a vitamin water coupon.  It was from a Facebook promotion with vitamin water.  I can't really remember this one, and maybe it's not even considered a win to some people, but free is free, right?  But that's not the only win I've had this week.

The next day, which was Wednesday I got a phone call, while on the phone with my sister.  It was actually kind of interesting as I had both my cell phone AND my home phone ring at the same time.  Now I've talked about how I am using Google Voice for my sweepstaking also in another post, which you can find here.  Well now I know another reason why I like Google Voice for this hobby.  Since I am only using this number for my sweepstakes entries, when they call me for a win (hopefully) it will send it to both phones, thus making them each ring.  If I am at home while this happens, it kind of gives me a little heads up so to speak, that the phone call coming in, is from a promotion/contest/sweepstakes.

So when I heard both phones ringing, I got a little tingle, and hoped filled my heart that I was going to be a winner at something.  Well, I can't give much detail YET, as I just want to make sure and double check that it all goes through, but I basically won a Grand Prize in a national sweepstakes, where I only entered one time through the mail and the prize is a $1000 American Express Gift Card!  ~WHOOT~

Talk about getting your blood pumping! This is the kind of wins I LOVE to get.  At the moment, money is really tight in our household, like I am sure it is for a lot of other people.  If everything goes well, and I am praying that it does, then this money will surly come in handy.  So if you can, please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that everything goes smoothly and I get this Gift Card quickly!

When everything is a done deal, I will post more information about this, as there is a bit of a funny back story to it.  :)  Later that day, after my winning phone call, I also got a soccer football delivered to me, that came from Budweiser.  Actually my husband won that, but it's neither here nor there, right? 

Then in today's email I got another win.  Although it is a much smaller win.  I was one of (100) first prize winners that won "The Ultimate Pet ID" value $20.

So for this week, I've already gotten 3-4 wins (depending upon how you look at it)  Either way, I can't wait to see if tomorrow brings in anything.  I am really hoping that it does, because that's what makes sweepstaking so much fun.  Also, this win that I got notified of on Wednesday is the biggest win that I've gotten this year and it also marks my second snail mail win!  

Nothing much happening on the home front.  My daughter is preparing for the Taks test (which I hate) and will be taking sometime in the first of April.  Easter will be upon us soon, and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it.  Easter was a time where we usually shared it with my Aunt Evie, who recently passed away back in January of this year.  We would go to her house to color Easter eggs, hide them and just have general family get together and eat and visit and Aunt Evie always made anyone and everyone feel welcomed.  It hurts knowing that she isn't going to be here.  On Easter, if I can I am going to see if I can find any old Easter photos that have my Aunt in them and share them here on Little Sweeper's Little Corner.  It makes me feel like she's still with us. 

But on a happier note, we have been invited to spend Easter with some sweeping friends of ours and I am looking forward to that, very much.  This couple is an amazing couple and I love them to death.  The lady, who has been involved in sweeping for many many years, is so interesting and also a wonderful cook.  She won $5000 in 2008's Pillsbury bake off, so you know she's got talent!  You can read more about her by going here.  Their names are Gwen and Robert.  They are very active with their own Sweepstakes Site, called

Man if I only could cook like her, it would be a wonderful thing! And then maybe my family and I would be healthier. Who knows, maybe sometime this summer, I might actually try cooking again.  Being short stature and trying to turn the oven on or off, without burning your boobs off, is a trick I still am learning.  I've actually caught my hair on fire once, so I'm not really one to want to try and catch anything else on fire.  But what can I least I was HOT once!

~Until next time~