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Back on the Wagon

That's how it feels to me anyways.  On May 25th, 2010 I forgot to mail my 10 snail mail entries.  I am so disappointed with myself.  I think mainly because my husband has told me he didn't think I would be able to follow through with that plan for the whole year.  It stinks that he was right!

The reason why I forgot to mail any snail mail sweeps that day was I had been feeling a bit under the weather and I ended up checking my blood sugar and it was on the high side.  (164 for a morning test) but I have read that being under stress and being sick can raise those numbers up.  Now, to my knowledge I am not a diabetic.  Both my parents are though, so it keeps me concerned enough to want to watch it as well as my diet.  I seriously don't want to have diabetes and it scares me.  So for a couple of days after May 25th, I just didn't worry about my sweepstaking hobby and tried to get to feeling better, which I admit that I am feeling much better, compared to a week or so ago.

I've gotten back on track with my snail mail entries as of June 1st and I am going to try and continue onward, as I truly want to have a good year with wins, if at all possible and Lord willing. 

Today is also the last day of school for my child and I will be picking her up in about an hour.  She asked me if I could please please please, get her out early, and I said I would consider it.  Yet the more I thought about how we now are going to have her home for the next 11 weeks, without school I figured a couple of more hours couldn't hurt her, right? :)  What can I say?  This little Momma wants access to her desk to do her sweeps.  Mimi tends to take over my desk, so that she can play her favorite pc activity, which is The Sims!  (2 is her favorite, but she also likes Sims 3) 

I am hoping to look for a desk for her this week-end, since I haven't been able to score any gift cards to office supply stores or furniture stores, so that I could buy her, her own desk.  This girl seriously needs her own desk/PC.  Whenever I do manage to get my space back, it's usually littered with cups, soda cans, crumbs, and wrappers of some kind of food left behind. 

So a quick question for anyone that might be reading this blog.  Am I the only person that gets frustrated when my spouse is right about something?  Probably just me, but dang I hate it that he so called *knew* I wouldn't be able to manage my goal for sweeping.  Oh well, he's my Lovie, so I guess I will keep him!