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Hoppy Easter!

I just wanted to pop on here for a moment and to wish everyone a wonderful Easter.  I will be back to posting in a day or so, as I've been caught up visiting with family and doing things with my daughter.

Today we went to a bowling alley for a friend's birthday party and tomorrow, we will hopefully be joining some friends for some Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kiddo's.  I am hoping to take some pictures with a new camera that I just won on April Fool's day of all day.  It's charging up now and I am hoping that it takes good pictures.  My favorite camera seems to be missing and I am hoping to run across it, as it is my personal favorite of any camera I've ever had.  But it will be fun playing around with this new toy. 

I won a Fuji Film Finepix Z70 camera from an online sweepstakes (Bloomingdale's Smile Sweepstakes). This particular sweepstakes you had to submit a photo or 60-second or less video of what makes you smile.  Even though it took a little more effort than just entering your usual information for a sweepstakes, it was a random draw.  They ended up giving away 264 of these cameras. So I just choose a funny photo of my husband.   Of course he wasn't all that happy about it, but I love this particular photo as it ALWAYS makes me smile to myself.  I even use this photo on my iphone, so that whenever he calls me, it pops up.

What can I say?  He's all mine! :)

Here is a couple of photo's of the new camera I got! 

On this particular sweepstakes, it was a 1 entry only  sweep too!  Whoot!

I had NO idea it was coming and that's a great thing about this hobby.  Anyday it could feel like Christmas or your birthday.  This camera looks to be a nice one too.  It's 12 MP and also has a 5x optical zoom with a 2.7 LCD screen on the back.  The only thing it doesn't have is a place where you put your eye and look at it through.  A view finder may be what it's referred to, but I am having a serious brain fart at the moment and can't think right.  I only got about five hours sleep last night and it's already after 10pm.  I have to get up bright and early tomorrow, to help the Easter bunny at Wal-mart.  (Sometimes I really slack off some of the mom duties and pay for it in other ways, like having to get up at the butt crack of dawn, so I can make my kid happy)

Anyhoo..I hope everyone is doing well and has a great Easter Sunday!