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My First Twitter Party

was tonight!  It was Marshall & TJMaxx and it was kinda cool.  I still don't understand it all that much, as it  goes kind of fast.  The website that I used for this party was TweetChat.  There was several winners over the coarse of two hours.  I, however wasn't one of them.  But that's OK, cause I am still learning.  Going to TweetChat helped me keep track of all the tweets coming from the host and the guest.  The direct messages that came to me, from other guest, was in BOLD and made it easier to keep track, when someone spoke directly to me.

There is another place on the internet that does the same thing that TweetChat does.  It's called Tweet Grid.  I haven't used it yet, so I can't really comment on it.  But you might want to save both those websites, and consider using them, if you ever participate in a Twitter Party.  I thought tonight's party was fun and the time went by really quickly.  I believe it was for two hours, only I got in at the last hour of it. 

Have you ever participated in a twitter party?  If so, please share your thoughts and/or experience with it.  I am trying to learn more about twitter, cause it does seem to be one of the new ways to enter sweepstakes.