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Well it looks like I won't be getting my second win this week, after a Monday win.  I write this because the mail has already ran for today, which is Saturday.  The only way I could win something before Monday, is if I play instant win games, which I do enjoy doing sometimes, and get Congratulations You Won! pops up on my screen between now and Monday morning.

So I might be off to do some internet sweeps in a moment.  I have already made out and gotten ready my mail to go out, with my ten snail mail sweeps for the next mail day.  Usually this would be on a Monday since today is Saturday.  However, this Monday is a federal holiday. (it's the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.)  So for all you snail mail sweepers, don't expect your post man or post woman to come to your door to pick up your entries, or get any surprises of wins in your mailbox.
The only thing I like about this, is that on Tuesday, I might get more mail and more surprises to me.

Now the question my DH asked me today was, am I going to double up on my snail mail entries for Tuesdays?  I don't know really.  At the moment I have 13 entries made out.  It remains to be seen, if I will add 7 more entries for that stack.

One thing that I am guaranteed to see a win from is from I am attempting to add code to this web site/blog and see if I can actually add my own widget here. 

I guess I will publish this post and view it in my browsers (which I use Firefox btw) and see if it shows up. I will be coming back and adding more thoughts to

Who Hoo it worked!  I am really pleased by this, as Swagbucks is kinda of cool in my opinion.  You use it like you would google, when you want to search for things that interest you.  However, ever now and again you win what they call Swagbucks!  After you get so many, you turn in those swagbucks into real items, like Amazon Gift Codes,  Resturant Gift Cards and more.  At the moment, I am at 161 swagbucks.  I haven't traded them in as of yet, but I am planning on doing so soon.  I am really thinking and leaning more towards Amazon Gift codes, as I have a tween daughter who is really into music at the moment.

I can usually count on 1-5 swagbucks a day, if I use it consistantly.  To my knownledge, they don't have a limit on how many searches you can do in a day.  I am always using swagbucks.  In fact, this last Friday I got my biggest Swagbuck of $4.00!  I've never seen one of those before.  I normally get only $1.00 and occassionally $2.00, but $4.00!  Talk about feeling like I've hit a jackpot!  I always love seeing "Congratulations" and never disappoints me.  Please check it out, if you haven't already and let me know what you think?

I am really kicking myself in the butt for not taking a print screen shot of that, as I would love to just gaze on it right now! 

You can also download a toolbar from them, for chances to earn even more swagbucks.  I actually hate downloading toolbars from anyone.  It seems like everyone has them now.  Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Mypoints, and more.  After awhile, if you have all these tool bars open on your browser, you won't have much room to read anything!  BUT this toolbar I do actually keep open.  I figure it never really hurts to try and win more from them whenever possible.  I've had it installed for about three months, and that's about how long I've been using for my internet searchs.  I've never come across any problems with it or have ended up with any computer problems from it, to my knowledge. 

Anyway, that's all for now!

I am assuming that if you are reading this blog, then you probably share a common interest with myself, which is entering sweepstakes. A post or so earlier, I have mentioned a few places where a person can find sweepstakes to enter, so that they can also hopefully win great prizes!

I would like to talk a little bit more about one of those places, which I also have listed on the left hand side of this page in "Lisa's Fav Links". made their first public appearance at the 20th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention in Manchester, NH in July of 2009.

Right now is accepting Beta Testers. is a neat place where you can find all kinds of contest and sweepstakes to enter, as well as keep track of those sweepstakes, and meet other people that share the enthusiasm for this great hobby. One of the things that I honestly love the most about this place is how they have it set up to get entry notifications, which you can receive in your email in-box every morning, which reminds you which sweepstakes and contests that you may want to enter again. This is especially great for me, as I tend to get a little side tracked and it can help put me back into the game!

Another thing that I really like is how you can search for a variety of things on their website. You can search for sweepstakes by Prize, Eligibility, Frequency, Type as well as Custom Search. At the moment, I am enjoying looking for sweeps that have a trip to New York as a prize. That and any trip to Disney World is high on my list. :)

If you are also interested in becoming a beta tester, you can also send me an email with your name and email address. I can have an invitation sent to you! Please send me an email at

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this posting. I just like to share! :)

Another Monday Win

I love Monday wins. I am hoping and waiting to see if it happens again this week, like last week where I won more than once that week. You can read about it in a post before this one.

Today I received in the mail from UPS a Digital Photo Key chain. I actually already have one, that my dear sister bought for me. My tween asked me if she could have it, and before really thinking about it, as always, I said yes. Damn I hate it when I do that, as she ends up with more crap in her room.

I have seriously got to stop doing that. I am hoping to get a friend over here to help me overhaul her room. I would love to do it myself, but it's really, really bad. In fact, it's so bad I should go and take a photo of it tomorrow while my child is gone, for the next messiest room contest or something. Because it really is that bad. Who knows, I might even post a photo of it here, to show you guys.

This is also making me think that I really should start my new spreadsheet for my wins. This is something that I do (because I guess I'm anal about it) because I love to keep track of my winning. It actually is helpful for two reasons. First, because I keep track of my wins, when I go through a dry period, I can go back and look at what I've won, and not feel like a loser. The second good reason for this is for Tax season. You would be surprised how quickly all the little things add up and need to be included on your taxes, because when you do win sweeps, you have to pay taxes on know good old Uncle Sam has to get his piece of the pie, no matter how big or how small it maybe.

Another thing I am doing this year, is to work harder on entering my snail mail sweeps. I don't know why, but I really love entering my name, address and phone number over and over again. I did this crap back when I was a young girl and would write that information down on anything I could..mainly the TV guide or my books. I liked the way the ink flowed from my pen on that type of paper for some reason. But I also think I was getting practice for my hobby that was to come.

Anyway, I digress.

So for this year, I am trying to send in at least ten entries of snail mail sweeps each postal day of the year. I don't know how long I will keep it up. I can do anything, when I put my mind to it..but I do tend to quit a lot of things. Piano lessons, jobs, college, you get the picture. BUT I've been doing this hobby of entering sweepstakes for five or six years now. I want to say six years, but maybe it's going on seven. I really wish I had kept better records when I first started. I could actually drag out my old issues of Sweepsheet to see when I started subscribing, to see when I really started.

Sweepsheet was my first sweepstakes newsletter. I've learned a lot from the owners, Sandy and Dan Guillver. They sold the company to a couple called Patti and Kurt Osterheld and so far I think that they are doing a great job. I also subscribe to another sweepstakes newsletter, and I am not as crazy about the format, however the owners of that one, which is called Sweeping America, does seem to get sweeps out quicker, which can be very important. Especially if it's a short running sweep.

Since starting those newsletters, I also belong to a local sweeping club and also another "newsletter" type group, on yahoo group, which so far sends out an amazing amounts of sweeps. Sometimes it's really hard keeping up. But I like knowing that if I need to focus my attention on something, to get my mind off of something else that might not be as pleasant, then I should have lots to choose from.

Last but not least, I am trying to get back on track with my online entries, which OLS helps me with. I love the "check mark" sweeps and the ability to keep track of those, by checking them of for "My Sweeps" Even though all of these newsletters (except for the yahoo group)and OLS cost money, it's well worth it, to have such a rewarding hobby. Because not only have I won $$$, material items..I've gained friendships and made many memories.

Until next time...which hopefully will be before next Monday, I will post soon.


I didn't have to wait long...

for my second win this week. Remember my previous post, I believe it was yesterday, where I mentioned that I had won a pair of Jeans from a facebook sweepstakes and how sweepers are superstitious about if you won on a Monday, you should also have another win before the end of that week? Well I checked my regular post mail and I got another win!

"Congratulations! You are a winner in the Target Give & Get Sweepstakes". I won a $25 Target Gift card! Yeah Baby! I love Target. They are simply the best store and I choose them over Wally World almost any day.

This particular sweep ended back in Dec 2009. They gave out one Grand Prize (which I would have loved to have won as it was AVR of $ 10,000) and 1505 prizes for the $25 Gift Cards to Target. So lots of winners on this one. I only actually entered this one once, as it was only one entry per person. I love those! It makes the playing field a lot more fair.

So I guess I waited just a little more than 24 hours and I got my second win for 2010! I can only hope and pray that my winning continues for this new decade and I pray that I have a great year with my wins.

I actually thought when I looked at the envelope and felt the card inside, that it was a Credit Card from Target, cause I couldn't remember when my CC expires. So I almost didn't open it tonight. This is another good thing to point out to those who might be new to sweeping..always check your it's snail mail (as in actual letters you can hold in your hands) or even your emails. Cause you never really know until you check, that you could have a win on your hands! There have been plenty of times I've gotten stuff that I've almost thrown away, cause it looked like junk mail. This drives me nuts, wondering if I ever did throw away anything good.

Sometimes the judging agency or whoever holds the promotion informs the person who won, that their prize is on their way. Other times, you just never know. You could come home with a FED EX stuff to your door, with a check for a big prize. I know back in 2007 I won a contest from being on the Tony Danza Show and won $5000! Man what a rush that win was! (I will tell more about that in another post I'm sure). I really thought that they would send it registered mail, or something..Nope! It came by regular USPS in a plain white envelope. In a gift card from Disney who owns ABC (which is the company that sponsored the Tony Danza show/and that sweep) I mean anyone could have taken it. I am just glad that I got did that ever come in handy, when we were broke and stuff.

That's one of the reasons why I love this hobby. You never know what kind of surprises you might find or receive. I now have a $25 GC to one of my favorite stores, where I can buy almost anything. Food, Clothing, Medication, whatever I might need. It saves me money and if I combined it with coupons on a item that is also on sale, I reap even more rewards.

So now this makes me even more pumped to enter sweepstakes. I am trying something new this year, and that's to try and enter (snail mail wise) ten entries every day. I also hope to enter at least for an hour, online sweepstakes.

Cause you got to be in win it!

1st win of the year!

Today when I got up and checked my email ( which is what I do every morning..basically my OCD routine kicking in each day) I got this e-mail...

"Congratulations! You were chosen from Lee Jean?s 120-A-Day promotion on Facebook to win a free pair of jeans on us! Look for them to arrive in the next 4-6 weeks. It may be our birthday, but it?s definitely your party!"

Now I'm not really a jean wearing person. I use to love wearing them in high school, but when you are born with short arms like myself, it always makes it interesting to actually zip up and button those damn things. Especially if you are "cursed..oh I mean blessed, with big boobs. Talk about a pain in the butt!

BUT either these will work out or I will donate them to a charity of some kind. Either way, I'm happy. It starts the year off good for me, and I'm pleased with that. PLUS, as a sweeper, we are kind of superstitious and feel that any win on a Monday (which is today) is good luck and means that you are likely to win another contest/sweepstakes before the end of the week.

Now I have no clue how this got started or anything, but since it is Monday today and I won something, then I am so into thinking and hoping that I will win something else later this week. It puts a smile on my face and a little spring in my step.

So hopefully this will be a great year for me in regards to my hobby. I try to have a new mantra each new year. Last year wasn't very great, but I kept it..We'll be doing fine, in 2009. Yeah I know, pretty lame. But we came out on the other side of 2010 and we are all in one piece, so that's OK by me.

This year's mantra is "I'm going win, in 2010!" I think that sounds good, don't you? I am trying to stay more positive and happier than I was last month. I couldn't really wait for December to be over with. With worrying over my Aunt, who has lung cancer, my Mom's health declining, and other issues, I was just totally stressed!

But it's a new year. I'm not really into new year's resolutions or anything, but then maybe I am? I don't make diet plans. I have only one real memory of trying "hard" to diet, and I ended up sick. So now, I basically try to eat better (HA HA HA) and be happy with what I have.

I stand at 3'6" tall and no amount of weight loss will ever have me looking like Angelina Jolie, or Catherine Zeta Jones. Of course, I could look better, I do realize that. But I'm happy for the most part with my body. Except for the big boobs. I don't want cancer and pray I never go down that road personally, but I am interested in learning more about breast reduction. Right now my chest area looks like two huge utters off of a dang cow and it's not pretty people! I knew I should have worn a better support bra when I was younger.

Oh well, I am not going to think too long about that for now. I'm just pleased that I am back into my hobby and hopefully will get my game on, if ya know what I mean? Plus, I am also blogging more, which I am really enjoying. I know my followers are not many..(Hi sissy), but that's OK too. I'm going to continue to work on it, and see where I end up by the end of 2010. So stick around and see what happens with me. I will be sharing my wins, my disappointments, my funny stories on being short and other odd things with you.