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Well it looks like I won't be getting my second win this week, after a Monday win.  I write this because the mail has already ran for today, which is Saturday.  The only way I could win something before Monday, is if I play instant win games, which I do enjoy doing sometimes, and get Congratulations You Won! pops up on my screen between now and Monday morning.

So I might be off to do some internet sweeps in a moment.  I have already made out and gotten ready my mail to go out, with my ten snail mail sweeps for the next mail day.  Usually this would be on a Monday since today is Saturday.  However, this Monday is a federal holiday. (it's the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.)  So for all you snail mail sweepers, don't expect your post man or post woman to come to your door to pick up your entries, or get any surprises of wins in your mailbox.
The only thing I like about this, is that on Tuesday, I might get more mail and more surprises to me.

Now the question my DH asked me today was, am I going to double up on my snail mail entries for Tuesdays?  I don't know really.  At the moment I have 13 entries made out.  It remains to be seen, if I will add 7 more entries for that stack.

One thing that I am guaranteed to see a win from is from I am attempting to add code to this web site/blog and see if I can actually add my own widget here. 

I guess I will publish this post and view it in my browsers (which I use Firefox btw) and see if it shows up. I will be coming back and adding more thoughts to

Who Hoo it worked!  I am really pleased by this, as Swagbucks is kinda of cool in my opinion.  You use it like you would google, when you want to search for things that interest you.  However, ever now and again you win what they call Swagbucks!  After you get so many, you turn in those swagbucks into real items, like Amazon Gift Codes,  Resturant Gift Cards and more.  At the moment, I am at 161 swagbucks.  I haven't traded them in as of yet, but I am planning on doing so soon.  I am really thinking and leaning more towards Amazon Gift codes, as I have a tween daughter who is really into music at the moment.

I can usually count on 1-5 swagbucks a day, if I use it consistantly.  To my knownledge, they don't have a limit on how many searches you can do in a day.  I am always using swagbucks.  In fact, this last Friday I got my biggest Swagbuck of $4.00!  I've never seen one of those before.  I normally get only $1.00 and occassionally $2.00, but $4.00!  Talk about feeling like I've hit a jackpot!  I always love seeing "Congratulations" and never disappoints me.  Please check it out, if you haven't already and let me know what you think?

I am really kicking myself in the butt for not taking a print screen shot of that, as I would love to just gaze on it right now! 

You can also download a toolbar from them, for chances to earn even more swagbucks.  I actually hate downloading toolbars from anyone.  It seems like everyone has them now.  Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Mypoints, and more.  After awhile, if you have all these tool bars open on your browser, you won't have much room to read anything!  BUT this toolbar I do actually keep open.  I figure it never really hurts to try and win more from them whenever possible.  I've had it installed for about three months, and that's about how long I've been using for my internet searchs.  I've never come across any problems with it or have ended up with any computer problems from it, to my knowledge. 

Anyway, that's all for now!