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Much ado about ...Nothing

I really haven't had a lot of things to write about recently.  My sleeping is totally messed up (as always) and so my days and nights are switched.  At the moment, it's is almost 5 in the morning.  Am I up early?  Nope...I woke up at 11pm and I'm still up.

I am going to play around hopefully here, and add some photos from my trip to Vegas that my Sissy took me on.  I think part of my problem with updating this site, is that when I was in Vegas I came across a new addiction for me.  Benefit Cosmetics!

Before going to see the "Phantom of the Opera", I went to the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas, which was right across the street from our hotel, the Wynn!  My husband and I have been to Vegas so many times, I can't remember them all.  One of our favorite places to visit in Vegas happens to be the Fashion Show mall.

I thought I might get a little "pick me up" in regards to my face.  I didn't really want to hurry back to the hotel to actually apply my own make-up, so I ended up stopping off at the Benefit Cosmetic counter and OMG, let me just say I have seriously found my all time favorite make-up!

The lady that actually got my hooked on it, was named Shannon and she had the brightest PINK hair, I've ever seen.  It's looked like her real hair, so I don't know where in the heck she found that shade of Pink, but it worked for her!  She totally rocked the look and she was awesome!  She gave me loads of samples and I am hoping that my husband and I can go back to Vegas and I can run across her again, and tell her how much I love these cosmetics.

Anyhoo..Since I've been back from that trip, I've been re-finding my love of make-up.  When I became a Mom, I guess you could say I took a little break from my daily make-up routines.  Okay, a BIG break...more like ten years!  Sad isn't it?

So since finding these new cosmetic's, I have been also watching you-tube video's of how to apply make-up and how to correctly use these new products, which btw, I've invested my child's education funds into, so that this little mama looks and feels good about herself.  I don't feel too guilty, because my daughter is also now finding the love for these cosmetics and is also trying to snag them away from me.  In fact, I am now missing three products and will be asking about them in about an hour, when I wake her happy butt up for school, as to where they are.

So that's what I've been up to.  Trying to take some time out for me, to learn how to look and feel good about myself.   I am still entering my ten a day snail mail sweeps.  I was so worried that when I was on my last trip, that I wasn't going to actually keep up with my goal.  However, I made them all out in advance and put sticky notes on them, for my husband to mail off for me each day.  He is a trooper, let me tell you!

In fact, I occasionally make my entries up in advance.  At the moment, I am about a week ahead of myself, which is nice as I can take a little break from it all.  I love entering sweepstakes and I don't think that will ever change, but even I need to do something different, from time to time.

As far as wins, I think the latest things I've scored on is:

A 4 week Trial Membership to Blockbuster from "ampm Man Facts"
15 Pizza Cash Coupon from the "Huggies Enjoy the Ride" promotion
Ten (10) minutes of pre-paid telephone calling minutes!* by playing the " Colgate-Palmolive Mother's Day Instant Win Game".

and that's about it.  nothing too special to be honest, but it all counts...a win is a win, right?  I do wish I could win something a little bigger (I know it must sound greedy, huh?) but I would really love to go on a vacation with my family.  Either to Disney or England.  I haven't been to England in over 7 years and I am really missing it.  Of course, I wouldn't turn away any cash prizes either, as I could use it to bankroll my benefit addition!