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Needing to Vent

This post has absolutely nothing to do with my hobby - entering Sweepstakes. It actually has to do with being a dwarf and certain comments which were made by Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea Handler on Rosie's Talk Show, on Feb 8, 2012, which has angered and hurt many people of the dwarfism community. I tried to answer a question which was posed on the website. The question was how could the two women apologize? My response was long and drawn out, but it helped me to express my feelings of deep hurt and anger against what was said and by who said it and how they've been dealing with this situation. Since it won't ever be seen by viewers of, I felt the need to put it here. Feel free to pass it along. I honestly want this spread around, far and near.

Question: How could the women apologize?


It's clear that anyone who thinks that people with dwarfism shouldn't make a big deal of this and should just forgive and forget, more than likely has never been bullied all through their school years, as well as being avoided in the dating world, discriminated against while seeking employment, finding a doctor that knows about your condition for decent health care, had botched surgeries because of this example, been in constant physical pains each day of their lives because the world was not and never will be made for Little People, been picked up and thrown through the air, because they saw it on TV or in Florida where dwarf tossing is legal, and continue to be a stereo type in movies and television, and so much more.

How could the women apologize? How about an actual public apology on the show where all this transpired? Yet Rosie and her minions keep deleting the negative comments about herself and Chelsea Handler off of their website where people are complaining, and stop sending out a handful of "twitter" half ass apologies to only a select number of people. Rosie asked or expects us to "spread the word" that she apologizes? Why should we? Why should we be the one to try and clean up a mess that the two of them started? Because OMG we have nothing better to do with our time, than to clean the crap that they dished out?

Rosie and Chelsea hurt a community of dwarfs and their family members, most who are average height. We are treated like children, ignored, aborted because we are different, shunned in schools, discriminated in work places and even if we are hired we are often times overlooked (no pun intended) for advancements. People like Rosie and Chelsea want to keep us in a box because they are cowards and are hurtful people. They have no empathy for what LP's go through. They have NO remorse for what they've done and don't feel that they should be held accountable. These two people..they are not ladies to me, are ignorant cowards.

People with dwarfism just want a proper apology like any other minority that shouts out when they are insulted. This happens because of the pressure that comes from so called "normal" people, because they've been hurt. Dwarfs are still being made fun of because we are the last minority to be used by a large group of average height people who think because they were born with longer limbs that they are superior to us.

What gets me the most is the Pandora's box that they've allowed open, can now be used against the children in schools who have dwarfism or are a family member who loves someone that is a dwarf. That pisses me off the most, because unlike Chelsae's comment that dating or being in a relationship with an LP is child abuse, what they've done is set our community back by so much and won't be held accountable for their actions. Too many children are bullied enough at school as it is, adding this to the pot doesn't help. So in my eyes, those two women are the true child abusers.

I seriously doubt this is a phobia at all with Rosie, but more of an attention grabber for her poorly viewed showed. If anyone claimed to have a phobia towards African American's, Hispanics, people with down syndrome, the crap would hit the fan. Yet they can get away with it with dwarfs.

One of the definition of phobia is : A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

1) We are not a thing...we are human beings. Treat us like one. We want what everyone wants, needs and desires and that's just simple acceptance and to find love.

2) Maybe Rosie is afraid of being in a situation with another Little Person. Probably it's because of the way TV/Hollywood is continually showing us in a consistent manor stereo types. Elves, gnomes, mythical beings, or just angry small people who will open a can of Whoop Ass if you dare say the word "shrimp" for whatever reason.

3) We're dangerous? Yeah right. We are so dangerous, that's why a man in England picked up another dwarf and tossed him in the air, causing him severe pain and suffering. There are many of us that are unable to protect ourselves against drunken idiots such as the man that did it to that person with dwarfism.

You may have noticed I use "person with dwarfism" a lot in this comment area. The reason for that is that being a dwarf doesn't define who I am as a person. It adds to it, but it's not everything about me. It's a medical condition that's brought about because of DNA/Genes from our parents, or grandparents, etc. It's something that couldn't not be helped, unless you think abortion would help...but it would only help the person that has a problem with it, not the person with dwarfism.

For if I was aborted, I would never have meet my husband, who's short stature actually came about from a drug called Thalidomide that his mother took in the late 1950's. I would never have gotten pregnant and had the most beautiful child I could ever imagine and I give all the glory to God that I worship and praise. My daughter is a joy and loves me. Love begets love and hate begets hate. Rosie and Chelsea is showing only hatred in a lot of people's eyes. Yes she is flawed, but we all are.

So Rosie and Chelsea, I will pray for you. Pray that you prosper, and that you continually have love in your life and are never faced with the same hatred that we've been shown in our communities and in our own lives, our whole lives. For if I only prayed for wonderful things to people that "like" me, what do I actually gain? It says in the bible to pray for your enemy's. They are not my enemies, but are also not my friends.

Last but not least the words "Midget" was actually made up by P.T.Barnum from the word "midge" which meant biting midges (insects). There really is no such thing as Midget's and if anyone had enough intelligence to look this information up for themselves, they would already know that. They would also know that it's used in a hostile manner towards people with dwarfism. It's the same as a Caucasian person would call an African American the famous and hated word by them that starts with the letter N.

I know how long this is, but as you may can tell. Their words and actions hurt me. They hurt children, they hurt others, and they even hurt themselves for not giving them a chance to get to know about us in a better manner than which they have done already and it's just wrong. They also show that they would never consider dwarfs for any type of respectable career for them and would clearly discriminate against us. Yet they can get away with. Shame on both of them.

But all they have to do is publicly apologies and they both chose not to!