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We have arrived!

Hello People!

Well my husband and I are at the hotel where the 2010 National Sweepstakers Convention is being held in Minnesota. We are actually staying at the same hotel where the 2000 LPA National Convention was held, which is the last LPA convention that I'd actually been to, and the only convention that my husband has ever been to. This hotel (Sheraton) is a great hotel and so far we are very pleased with everything that they have to offer. The food in the restaurant is a little over priced in my opinion, but we ate everything on our plate this afternoon. It was VERY tasty!

Stevie and I actually arrived late last night. We were on the road for almost 12 hours and by the time we got into our rooms, I was dead dog tired and all my muscles ached! Even though the beds are comfortable, the pillows were a little too big and I had a sore neck when I woke up. I'm glad we thought to bring a couple of our own pillows with us. I am hoping tonight is a little better in the sleeping department. But the showers here were nice and hot, which helped eased my muscles!

We haven't done too much today, as the sweepstakes convention doesn't really start until Thursday night and officially on Friday morning. We thought that we would do best, if we arrived early, so that we didn't have to rush and could relax before everything begins. I am glad we did too, as we got a good parking space as well as small fridge for our room.

I am planning on writing more about the convention while I am here, as well as take some photos. I also brought my little flip mini camcorder which I won, from the contest, which I am still hoping that people are remembering to vote for me.

We are also hoping to attend the Minnesota State Fair before we leave. I've only been to the state Fairs in Texas and I would love to see how they compare with another state. I am also hoping to take pictures if we make it out there too. Plus, from what I understand there are lot of opportunities to enter for prizes.

Tomorrow, Stevie and I are planning on finding the nearest post office, so that we can buy the stamps which are needed for the raffles, which are held on Saturday during the banquet. This year's raffles include:

First Class Stamps
Post Cards Stamps
USPS Postcards
Minnesota Lottery Scratch Off Tickets
Gift Cards

I will be sure and write and let everyone know if we win any of the raffles. Last year, I won 500 first class stamps. The year before, I won Stamps and Lottery Tickets. No big winner on the Lottery tickets, but wouldn't that be something, if someone here wins one of the big ones from a scratch off ticket? This year, I would love to win Cash or Gift Cards. I will be a "little" broke by the time we get home, but that's ok as this is Stevie's main vacation for the year.

Well, I think I am off to rest a little bit more and to try and enter a few more sweeps. I know that once the convention starts, there won't be much time for me to do it. I will be spending too much time talking to other people that share the love of this wonderful hobby, while my husband enjoys his Guinness!

Take Care Everyone