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Back in the saddle again!

Sounds like it could be song, couldn't it? Oh wait..I think it already is. Oh well! LOL.

Basically that's what today has felt like to me. My child started school today and is now in middle school. Soon to be a teenager (Lord help me) While we've all enjoyed the break from getting up early every morning to take our child to school, it's now been long enough to where we were all ready for school to start back. :) Our child wanting to see her friends and she also somewhat enjoys learning. Especially if it involves reading, which makes me so proud, as I was a BIG reader when I was her age as well.

For my husband, I think he's hoping that his pain levels can be sorted out or something, so that he can feel better again. If anyone who reads this blog believes in prayers, please keep my husband in your prayers, that his health can and will improve. He so wants to get back to cooking dinners for us again and he has told me that he feels totally useless, which is totally untrue. However, I do also understand that when you are suffering from pain and nothing you do or take seems to help, it's hard on your mentally. Stevie's been under a lot of stress as well and to be honest, I miss my fun loving, playful husband.

Now as for me, today meant that I am now trying to get back in the saddle of entering my sweepstakes on a more regular basis than what I have done recently. Not that I quit entirely, because I haven't. But I remember a couple of years ago, I used to enter 2-3 hours online sweepstakes each and everyday (including Sunday's) for over a year. I got plenty of small/med and even one or two large prizes during that time, but since I've slacked off entering, so have the prizes coming to my door. I haven't had that sense of excitement when the doorbell rings between certain times ( the times when I know UPS and FedEx delivers in our area) or when I check my mail or e-mail. I would love for that hopefully feeling to once again return in my life, so that it brights up our day, even if it's a T-shirt that we think is cute or make-up that I have to fight over with my daughter.

I haven't done much online entering today, but I did mail my 11+ entries (my # of entries that I decided to try and enter every day during this year, if possible) but I've also been concentrating on entering more Text Sweepstakes. I really enjoy winning those for some reason. But one of the reason's why I haven't entered a lot of online sweepstakes today is because this being our child's 1st day of school, plus we had Merry Maid's coming over to help clean our messy house. I can honestly say even though I hate paying the amount that we do, to have someone clean our house. It sure is a very nice feeling to look around and feel like we live in a nice/clean area and it takes stress that you didn't realize was on your shoulders, off. And in my opinion, that's really important for my husband to feel that right now.

BUT back to sweepstaking. Has anyone watched the TLC High Stakes Sweepstakers show that started on August 14th, 2011? If so, what is your opinion of it? I would love to know what other people think. So please feel free to leave me a comment. I love getting comments on this blog, even though they are few and far between. I am not your typical blogger I suppose. I don't advertise this blog, as some blogs are a dime a dozen and I don't want to be lost in the crowd or try to be something I'm not.

This blog was mainly created to share my love of this hobby. And boy do I love this hobby. It's helped not only us but people close to us, enjoy things that they might not otherwise enjoy or had at all. Especially during the Holiday season. I am also hoping and praying that My lucky sister will win another trip and take me with her.

She called me yesterday to give me some news. The first things she said is "I'm starting to get a little scared" of course, this made my heart skip a beat, as I have no clue what the heck she's referring to, but then the little snit said it was her third day in a row of winning instant wins. The 1st win was a $25 Gift Card to Sports Authority, the 2nd win was a $25 Gift Card to Macy's (I love Macy's and then the 3rd win on that day of her phone call, she won a $100 Gift Card to Sports Authority! That little snot!

Just kidding Sissy! :) I am actually truly happy for my sister, as she had stepped away from entering since our Mom passed away and she told me last week that she finally felt like she wanted to start back with entering. She only enters online sweepstakes and I think she's made a fabulous start and I can only hope and pray that she continues with her winning and maybe will even win a trip and will take me her TB (Travel Buddy)

I think in this week's mail brought a coupon for free skittles to my husband, even though it's our child that will claim it, as she has a big thing for skittles. I don't know if she really thinks she can taste the rainbow or if it's just a big sugar high, but we all have our vices and at least ones that involve sugar, I can handle. I just pray that while she is in her new school God continues to protect her and keep her away from any and all that might lead her down a bad road that she can't come back from. But I know that God does watch over all of us. I just have to continue to remind myself and to keep up my relationship with him, as it's so important.

Well it is now officially past my bed time..or rather my new bed time, and I am so very tired. I keep having acid reflux and I can honestly say..this crud is getting old! I go to my doctor on Wednesday, so if you could also pray that everything goes well for me on that day too, in regards to my health I would be most appreciative

Until next time, which hopefully will be sometime this week!