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A short recap of the 2012 Nat'l Sweepstaker's Convention

Well, long time no writing!  Shame Shame, you know my name, right?

The last time I wrote, I believe was towards the first of June.  I haven't had much time or inclination for entering sweeps, however I did have the wonderful pleasure of attending the National Sweepstaker's convention in late August, right before school started. 

I got to take my daughter with me, and while she's attended one other sweepstaker's convention back in New Hampshire four years ago, this year was her first year in participating!  Now my daughter isn't into this hobby quite like her little momma. However by the end of it all, while walking back to our hotel room after the night of the banquet, which is the BIG night at these things, her comment to me made me smile...

"Momma, I think I wanna be a sweeper now!"  :)

I just smiled real big and told her that was basically the whole point in taking her with me.  While she isn't particularly interested in stamps or postcards like myself, she was a big winner during the whole convention, especially during the banquet.  In fact, she put her momma to shame, but that's ok.  It was worth every penny spent, just to see my beautiful daughter smile when her name was called with a win. 

We actually sat in the back with several lovely people and had to yell really loud, because my daughter is kind of on the shy side. (I have no clue who she got that from, because it sure isn't her Momma or her Daddy) So this little sweeper/momma had to get a really big mouth, just so she wouldn't lose out.

I won't bore you with what her or I won during that week-end,  but the best win in my daughter's opinion was the $500 in cash.  And if it wasn't for the help of two of the nicest people in the sweeping world I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, none of it would have happen. 

To make a long story short,  if it hadn't been for the help of both Todd and Robyn, I wouldn't have gotten to seen my daughter's beautiful smile on the night of the banquet.  The reason being is my back went out on Saturday morning and we actually ended up missing the morning session, as I literally couldn't move out of bed.  I was fine 30 minuets prior when I went to have potty break, but afterwards, it was as if I was frozen stiff and to be honest it scared me.  With my baby's help, she helped me get dressed and we went as quickly as we could to the vendor room, so we could sign up for the raffles for that night's banquet.  I couldn't hardly move, I was in tears, and we lost our labels to put on our cards.  Well, Todd ran around getting all the stuff for me, as I gave him our money for the raffles, and Robyn and (I hate to admit to my short memory, but hey it goes with the height right?) , another lady who sat next to her, put my new labels freshly printed off, on the cards and then Todd went and ran and put them in the boxes.  I almost felt like it was a game show, trying to get it all sorted out.  But not in the good and fun kind of way.  More like the, I think my heart's going to stop and everything looks to be going ninty miles an hour kind of way and where the heck is my prize kind of way!

So if it hadn't been for their caring and helpful nature, it would have ended up on a low note for my daughter.  Robyn and Todd are wonderful people, who I used to also see once a month at our local sweepers club.  The two of them are hosting next year's Sweepers convention in Salt Lake City, Utah which happens to be where Robyn used to live. 

I am about to go and sign up now for next year's convention.  I've only driven through Salt Lake once or maybe twice in my life, but it's a beautiful area and I look forward to seeing (Lord willingly) in June of 2013!  Hopefully my husband will be with us, if not I am sure it won't take too much to convince my daughter in tagging along with me!  I encourage anyone and everyone to try and make it to a National convention at least once in their lifetime.  Even if you are a shy person by nature, like my daughter is, I honestly don't believe you will leave without wonderful memories and several names of new friends!  If you do attend next year's convention, and see a beautiful petite redhead, with a shorty of a momma on a scooter, flying by everyone, parting sea's of people like it was the red sea, then you will see us, so please say hello! :)  And remind me to write on my blog....because Lord knows I need all the help in remembering I can get.

Take care and win big and often! Because I can attest that if you don't enter, you sure as heck can't win squat!