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How far would you go for $25,000?

It's funny sometimes what we will do for money. But how far will we actually go?  Would you dig in the mud for keys to a new Jeep? Would you keep your hand on a car, to see if you would be the last person standing, to take away a huge prize? Would you eat 100 hot dogs in a short amount of time, to hopefully win $1000? What about $5,000? Do we have a price on doing things that most people wouldn't dream of doing?

The reason why I am bringing this up is because of an article that I came across, I believe on and thought I would share it with you guys.

Check out this great MSN Video: Brides nosh on cake for cash

Personally, I'm always up for a laugh and trying something new. As long as it isn't illegible or immoral.  However, I am not sure I could ever participate in an eating contest.  I have a strong feeling I would be the person that vomits all over the place, while someone records it and later puts it up on!  (I think I've mention this fear before now that I think about it.)

But it takes all kinds I guess and that's what makes this hobby so interesting to me.  There are many ways to win many different prizes.  They are as different as the people that enter them.  You never know until you try it, if you will like it.  Also, no guts no glory, eh?  Of course, after eating nine wedding cakes in that above contest, you would probably need  and end up with, a lot of guts, huh?