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FireFox 4.0 Sucks!

Well, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come back and update this blog.  Mainly because of the difficulty in finding the joy that used to be in my heart in regards to entering sweepstakes and posting here since my Mom passed away last year.  Today in fact would have been my Mom and Dad's 47th wedding anniversary, so my Mom (as always) has been strongly on my mind to say the least.

I've wondered what my future holds and to be honest, I don't know.  I know who holds it, and that God and I have to trust in him to take care of myself and my family.  I tend to worry too much and over analysis a lot of things and I think that's one of the reasons why I suffer with my eating (acid reflux) and with my anxiety of late.  It's been really, really bad! And in one way, they are both effecting each other.  Mainly since I am having a lot of anxiety, especially lately, I take a Xynax that has been prescribed by my doctor.  Then later on at night, I've been having acid reflux come up or at least a horrible, nasty taste, that now that I think about it, taste very similar to the Xynax when it dissolves in my mouth just a little bit.  A very bitter taste that's way in the back of my throat and makes me go running ( or as close to running as this LP can go anyways) to somewhere where I can get rid of it quick!  Water, Pepto, Gum..anything!  I absolutely hate this!  I've been having trouble enjoying even eating my "safe" foods and I am tired of them as well.  So I know I should probably cut back on the Xynax, but each and every-time I do, something happens that makes me pop one of those puppies and try to get rid of the horrible throw up feeling/heart racing/yuckiness that I feel when I get one of my attacks.  (Like today for instance.) I am concerned that tonight will be another night where I am miserable.

But this blog isn't for posting my problems.  So I wondered if I would ever come back and figure that I might as well pop in from time to time.  I finally got Firefox back to working like I used to like it (The new version!) and now my form fillers are working again with me in regards to entering online sweepstakes!  Yeah! 

For those of you who may also be having trouble with the newest Firefox and wishes they could go back in time and not have added the update?  Well, you can go to this website and download the old version.  BUT you do have to uninstall the previous version first (don't delete profiles, as it will get rid of all your bookmarks, etc) I have an I-Mac and to uninstall something, you click, drag and drop the icon in the trash bin...easy squeezy, lemon peezy!  Here's the link for those that might be interested and also for myself, in case my computer goes kaput like it did two weeks ago, and I lose all my bookmarks, etc.

They also have downloads for windows and Mac's..and possibly Androids?  I can't really answer that last one because I didn't recognize the little icon and don't know what it belongs to..but check it out if you are having problems with Firefox working with your form filler, like I did.

As far as sweeps wins for me goes, I haven't won all that much.  I won $500 from Rumba Meats and a $50 check from somewhere that I can't think of at this particular moment.  Bad Little Lisa!  My memory is shot and it's probably caused due to stress.  I am also not entering like I used to.  I still love to enter sweepstakes, but my desire has decreased.  There is ton more competition, and that's fine.  I do feel that there are enough prizes out there for all of us, so I don't really care who hears about whatever contest or sweepstakes is going on at the moment.  But this year will be the first time in five years, where my husband and I didn't attend the national sweepstaker's convention! :(

I'm really bummed about it I guess.  I am going to miss my friends and the chance to win stuff.  I miss getting to go somewhere and break the hum drum of normal life here at the old homestead.  But I guess I figure there is no way in heck we can beat last year's convention winnings and our baby girl wouldn't be able to stay at my parents during our trip, since my Mom is no longer there.  I am sure my Dad would be more than happy to watch her and let her stay, but since he's at Dyalisis three times a week, in the very early mornings, I know it's not possible.  My husband and I are hoping that next year, which is suppose to be in Atlanta, GA all three of us can attend.

This Saturday, I am hosting our local sweepers meetings and I'm not really into it.  The person that was going to co-host isn't able to be there, which I can understand things come up, but it would have been nice to have hear it from that person, instead of someone else.  I'm getting a vibe from the group, that it's not the same, and I haven't seen certain people in months if not a year.  I am also still nursing a personal grudge against something/someone from last year, and it's not making it any easier for me being there.  So after this month, I may leave and look for somewhere else to share my hobby with, or maybe start a new hobby.  Who knows?

So that's it for now.  I would love to hear comments if anyone actually reads this blog, otherwise I just might delete the whole thing.  Not to be depressing. Blogging is so saturated right now and I know that deep in my heart, this blog doesn't really offer a lot to a lot of people.  But we shall see.