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Thought I'd pop in

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd take a moment and write a little bit.  As far as my wins goes, I got a few to report.

2 movie tickets
Make up from Lord knows where
T-shirt from Facebook sweep
but my biggest win was from the sweep and even though it's not the big one from there (yet) I won the flip mini camercorder from the daily entry with the most votes.  So thank you so much for all your help, and hopefully you won't mind continuing voting for me.  I still would love to win the Grand Prize of $102,000!  and i know that with the help of family, friends, blog readers, and more, I could.  Anything is possible, is what I tell myself.

I am also no longer trying to enter 10 daily snail mail sweeps.  After seven months of it, I began to get burn out in this hobby, and I even started back on another interest of mine, which is playing World of Warcraft! (btw..I'm on Echo Isles if anyone is interested! LOL)  So now I am trying to get back into the swing of entering.  I think I needed the break to be honest.  Entering Sweepstakes should be fun...not a job!  I had begun to think of it as a Jobby (Job/Hobby) and to be honest, I don't need to do that.  I'm fortunate to have a situation where I don't NEED to win things, to have a good life.  All my wins are basically "gravy", so to speak.  Now of course, I do like to win, and I hope and pray a good one is just around the corner.  

At the moment, I am also trying to make arrangements for our yearly Sweepers Convention, which is in two weeks! I'm so excited to be honest, as I love to see all my friends that share in this wonderful hobby.  This year's it's in Minneapolis, MN and I am also looking forward to hopefully seeing the Mall of America as well as the State Fair!  There is nothing like Fair Food, is there? I wonder if I will be able to get my fried Oreo's?  Or Fried Twinkies?  Or Fried Reese's? (Do you see the theme here?)  Thank God the fair is only a once a year thing for most people and for myself, more like a once in ten year treat.  Otherwise, I am pretty sure I would end up with a heart attack at some point in the very near future.

In other news,  I've been out of sorts because I've changed my computer.  I admit it now...I am now a MAC user!  I went out and bought myself one of the new I-Mac's!  I still can't believe I did that, and I *am* slowly getting used to it.  The hardest part was trying to figure out my e-mails.  I entered all my information for my favorite e-mail, which is with G-mail.  This ended up being a HUGE mistake as it tried to download OVER a 160,000 emails! yeah, I basically froze my new Mac!  So I've had to make some changes and I now get all my gmail's and old e-mail accounts on my laptop, which I've had a few years.  It's now the only windows pc we have.  We gave my old computer to my Dad, and hopefully he is now using it to read this blog!  Hi Daddy! :)

Well that's all I can think of to write for now.  What about you guys?  Any wins?  Please feel free to share.  I love hearing about other people's wins, experiences, etc from this wonderful hobby.  One of the things that I am hoping to do while at the National Sweepstakes Convention, is take some photos of the decorated envelopes that are usually submitted for a contest that they have each year.  You will probably be amazed at some of the talent that goes into this.  I know I am each year.  I don't let it get me discouraged though, because most people don't go into that much detail when entering sweepstakes.  Mainly because some people don't want the judging agencies to think that they might be considered a *pro* in entering sweepstakes. 

Ta Ta For Now!