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And the race is on...

Yep, the contest for the trip to California for the Disneyland adventure for the best family photo just started, literally twenty minutes ago and runs until November 6th, 2011

I am trying to attempt to add a widget here for my webpage. Please vote us. I do also return votes, for any other sweepstaker that needs votes on their contest entry. Please just send me an email or make a comment does come to me and I will get in touch with you, if you leave your email of course. I honestly do love to support others in this hobby. It's a wonderful way to make friends.

That should take you right to the voting and I will also add, that you may have to actually sign up before voting. I know that this can be a drag, and I hope and pray that this does not discourage anyone from voting. It takes a couple of minutes and then that's it..or at least it should be, and then you vote. Viola! Please pass this one to your family, friends, co-workers, anyone you can think of really. I have no shame, and I need a vacation, so that I am not tempted to embarrass my one and only daughter (and my loving husband) into another contest, just so we can get away from everything and get a break, so I don't break. Seriously, I so either wanna win this contest or sleep for a week.

Nothing else much to write about. It's the beginning of the week and I pray that it's a better one than last week. All I kept thinking was is this PMS or Grieving..kind of like is it real or is it Memorex? You remember those commercials for wait for it... cassette tapes? I know them young-ens have no clue what the heck I'm talking about, right? But last week was not one of my better ones and I am praying that I can focus on more important things, like how to up my votes and maybe clean my house..I don't know about that second's never one I like to I think I will be focusing on how to get votes for my wonderful, but scary family photo so I can go to Disneyland!

Can I Sink Any Lower?

Is it even possible for a little person to go lower than what they already are? That's kind of a stupid question I know. What could I possibly be talking about? Well I went and entered another voting contest. You would think I would get it through my thick head that I don't do well in voting contest and never enter another one ever again...However, I tend to forget and do it again and again. Short Memory. It comes with the height, so what can I say really..except please vote for me when the contest starts on October 24th maybe?

This time it's for a local TV Station and it's wanting local people to submit family photo' group shots. Well, I looked through all my digital photos on Picasa 3 and do you know what? We only have about TWO of all three of us (My husband, daughter and myself) all in one photo. Pretty sad huh? Well, remember that sadness and take pity on me and vote..Please? Pretty Please? With sugar on top and topped with Chocolate sprinkles? (I hate cherries..that's why it's topped with Chocolate sprinkles)

The grand prize (and I believe only prize, but I could be wrong about that) is a family trip to Disneyland in California. Now my daughter and I did get a chance to go there this past summer to Disneyland because of attending the National LPA convention, which was being held in Anaheim, CA and we got to enjoy California Adventure park (I love the fact that it literally is so close from Disneyland, you can walk to it) and Disneyland itself. However, my husband was unable to attend and I would really love for our family to get a chance to have a break from everything that we've been through this past, well...almost a year now. I still can't believe that time keeps ticking on, when I think of it all...but that's how life is, right?

BUT I will say in advance two things. ONE: The photo that I submitted, please keep in mind I really don't have any other "family photo's", so I went with what I had and TWO: I should be the poster child for NOT taking AMBIEN and then entering contests. Because that's what I had done and then totally forgot about entering. When I got the email today that it was accepted and I clicked on the link, well...I kind of freaked out. But in a good way and I did have to fess up to my husband about it. Thank goodness he's a fun guy and doesn't let things like this embarrass him. Now our daughter on the other hand has made me promise not to link it to her friends, which are also my friends on facebook. So I had to create a group called "Youngsters" which includes all of my daughter's friends, in case I want to post something a bit more mature or embarrassing for her. :) i.e this photo.

I will also be posting it to the "TWITTER" when the voting begins. A few other Twitter people/family/split personalities will also be twittering about it too. Here are some of the names of their Twitter accounts, if you should so desire to follow them.


Yes we have quite a few of us on the Twitter, don't we? The main one I've been posting for this blog is LittleSweeper, but I've also been known to post a lot under Mommybird1998. If you have any difficulties finding me/us/them with those names, please let me know your twitter name and we can follow one another and be BFF's! I promise I will be your best friend..HONEST!

So here's the link. I also want to say that I am not responsible if you have a drink in your mouth at the time of viewing and thus spewing your liquid/spit all over your computer/laptop monitor. You might not find it amusing at all. But compare it to the other people's entries and give me your honest opinion about it. I'm bored and I know I don't really update this blog a lot..but we wants more friends and someone out there's reading, right? btw..HI DAD!

Click HERE

Thank you again in advance for any and all votes. Please feel free to share that link on facebook/twitter/blogs/snail mail/ESP and of course the ever popular word of mouth. BUT no verbal Diarrhea. That would stink. No pun intended...well, maybe a little. What can I say, that's how I roll. Seriously..I roll..on a scooter..everyday.

Voting doesn't actually begin until October 24th and runs until Nov 6, 2011. I will also be trying my hardest to start posting more here, since I am now on some better medication and I don't feel like sleeping my life away, like I had been doing. Even though I will admit sleep is my crack and I do have a strong case of the sticky mattress.

In other news, which I will give more details later..but it seems like my husband is in the lead for wins this year in our family. Also is it bad that when my daughter turned 13 a short while ago, I was so happy...because it meant I could enter more sweeps in her name? I even bought her own address labels for the snail mail entries. I was so happy, I almost cried. I think I did actually cry. My baby is growing up. (And it also means that her entering Radio Disney contest/sweeps will soon be a thing of the past) HEY! What can you expect from me on this blog anyways? It's a Sweepstakes blog remember?

But please don't think I am criticizing you or anything like that and you suddenly think "WTF?" and not vote for us...I will totally kiss butt...I can be very good at it, and I think it may have something to do with the fact that I was born to be the right height to kiss your butt.