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It's going to be swell in 2012!

Yeah, that's my crappy motto for this year. I try to come up with a new one each year, and after 2012, I've got nuthin! I mean, what rhymes with 13,14,15,16,17,18,or 19? But if the Mayan calendar is to be believed, I am not going to have an issue with it who cares, right? RIGHT!

I really should have written a blog post before now. I was planning on writing something on the last day of 2011, but eh...I didn't. What can I say? 2011 was the year of the lazy for this blogger. Oh who am I kidding? The last 44 years have been the year of the lazy for me! LOL Yeah, I know it's not really funny, but it's my blog and I'll bitch, moan, groan and make cheesy jokes and bad puns if I want to. I'm sure that could have been a song title, but it would have taken too long to print and sing moving along.

Happy New Year!

and yes, I am actually writing this on day 2 of 2012...but it's still the first day of 2012 in California and probably some of western counties or states, like Hawaii, so it counts and it's all good! Right? RIGHT!

Last year wasn't anything spectacular for this little sweeper. In fact it started off pretty grim as my mother in law passed away on Jan 13. And even though we are still having to go through so many things that was brought on from her death, we are still together as a family of three and have somewhat to moderately good health. I pray daily for all my family to stay healthy, safe and happy. It's really more important than anything else, especially a prize....however! I am going to continue to enter sweepstakes and maybe even a contest here and there. I mean, I won't win squat if I don't enter, right? RIGHT!

I actually tried to keep track of my wins from 2011 in a spreadsheet like I've been doing for many years. I believe I am now entering my 9th year of being a sweeper. I still can't believe it to be honest. I never really stick with hobbies for very long, unless you count sleeping for longer than 12-14 hours at a time. That hobby I have always excelled in and probably will continue to do so. When you are a stay at home mom and are disabled, sometimes you get a case of what my husband likes to call "the case of the sticky mattress" which basically means, my fat butt doesn't get out of it until after about 12 hours or more. Yes I'm lazy..let's move on.

Even though I don't have the proper spreadsheet to look at or prove to anyone, I would have to state that it was my husband that was the biggest winner in this household over all of us! Even though we didn't win a trip or anything that made me wet my pants, I would still think or at least like to believe that we stayed in the black and not the red, as far as cost goes. I enter a lot of snails mail sweepstkaes and stamps cost money. I may end up switching my entering methods for 2012 and that will probably be the subject of my next post. Yeah! An to think about and write...sweet!

I have realized something else...Voting contest are for the freaking birds! I know I never came back to give any more updates on the last voting contest I was in, but that's because it became very apparent that the people who entered that same contest, well...I hate to say it..but there were CHEATERS! I mean come on! Some of those photos had well over 12,000 votes (and no that is not a typo) in less than 24 hours. Even though the rules stated that it was unlimited voting..after 1000 votes, it wouldn't let you vote anymore. (I know this, because I clicked that dang vote button over and over and over and over, etc) At first they ( the people hosting the contest, which was a local news station) let the number of votes be seen, but they later changed it, so you couldn't see it. (Probably due to other people who entered, bitching about how a few entries had so many votes, so soon after the contest started. They should have stopped the contest and discounted every vote and started over...but they didn't. Well surprise surprise (NOT) that the photo that won, was also one of the photo's that had thousands of votes right at the very first of the competition!

I don't know what it is, but when you offer up a free trip to Disneyland or World, some of the worst can be seen in people! UGG. I am now just about certain I am done with voting contest, unless it states in the rules about no one using bots (computer programs that help cheaters win contest on the internet) and that it's either judged by a panel of judges and not basically a popularity contest. That's really leaves a bad taste in so many people's mouths and honestly, it makes the company (or local news station) look bad. I personally am very tempted to write a strongly worded letter to let them know, but I'm still shaking off the bad case of the lazies!

Soon after posting this blog post, I will be making my new spreadsheet for the wins for 2012. I have also been giving some thought as to what I want to write about here, in regards to this hobby. It's a wonderful hobby and it's given me and my loved ones a lot of pleasure. In fact, some of the wins (i.e. Gift Cards) came in really handy for Christmas.

I am also hoping that I will write on a more regular basis. I would love to be able to say I would commit to a weekly post..but I'm not so sure about that to be honest. But then you never know, so please continue to check back now and then. If you don't see anything new, shoot me an email and, well I was going to say write and tell me to get off my butt, but to write a blog post, I actually have to sit on my butt, so that wouldn't work. But you could say get on it and write something gosh darn it!...It's not like I have a job or anything to go to, right? RIGHT! Ok now I think I may be depressed...thanks a lot! oh wait..I'm probably just talking to myself again, so oh well...moving on...again.

I'm not really sure why I keep doing that right? RIGHT! thing, but it's working for me today, so just go with it, ok? OK! Oh crap...I think this post needs to stop now.

So that's it for today. Hopefully this post has made my Dad happy. (or just confused by his youngest daughter's mentality or personality disorder) He's basically my only reader, and maybe my sister, since it was her post on her personal blog that lite the fire under my butt to actually write...gotta go..two more minutes until 1-2-2012 in California. Bu-Bye