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Just had to share

A print screen of my biggest swag buck EVER!  The highest amount of swag bucks I've ever gotten before was $4.00.  Well this one beat it!


They just changed the web design of, and it's taken me a little bit to get used to it.  I am one of those people that does not like change.  (I don't know why that is, I just don't.)  I've recently turned in 90 Swagbucks that I've collected for two $5.00 Gift Certificates.  You can only turn in two at a time, per day.  I plan on turning in another 90 Swagbucks for two more $5.00 Gift Certificates, as I am wanting to purchase a couple of CD's for my little one, and since money is tight, this kind of makes it seem like I am getting the CD's for nothing.  Whoot!

(Edited to add:  I just found out that now, has changed some of the way their program works.  Now instead of winning 1 swagbuck, it's now worth 10 swagbucks.  So I guess I didn't get anything special after all.  But heck, at least I felt good! LOL.  Oh well.  It still is added to the pot, and will get to be spent on something, I'm sure. )

If for some reason I have any trouble getting my order processed  or anything with Swagbucks, I will be reporting about it here.  I feel that it would only be fair.  But I am also really hoping and praying that nothing does go wrong with it, as I love getting stuff like this.  

I haven't been working on much today, except for a few sweeps this morning.  I got my ten snail mail sweeps put together and my wonderful husband took them to the post office for me today, while I got a couple of hours sleep.  I suffer with insomnia extremely bad, and my sleeping hours are all over the place!  So I've just been too tired to really do anything much.  

Before writing all of this down now, I was just messing around with some of google's neat things that they offer people to use.  I honestly love Google for the most part, and would love to work for that company.  The only thing that concerns me is the fact that they seem like they are slowly becoming more and more like Microsoft and seem to be getting a monopoly on everything, in regards to technology and the other thing that concerns me is Google earth.  While I am intrigued by Google Earth, I really worry about privacy and how small the world is nowadays.  I will go more into that in another post, I'm sure.

BUT one of the features that Google has, that I love to use with my sweepstaking hobby is Google Voice!  At the moment, it's only used by people that get invites.  I am fortunate to have gotten one, as I had been a member of the company that they acquired, which was Grand Central. I actually forgot I signed up with Grand Central, until I received notice last year, that Google acquired them.

I am sure I won't be able to explain fully everything that Google Voice can do, but here are a few important features that they offer.
With Google Voice, you can also request a Google number and get some nifty additional features
Such as:
So for this year, I've decided that instead of putting my home number and cell phone number on all my entries for sweepstakes and contest, which can change at any time in my life, I would only put down my new Google number.  It came with a local area code, and I love the number as it was easy number for me to remember.  Now it no longer matters if I move, or have any other reason to change my phone numbers, my number for all my sweepstakes will never have to change. This is so great, especially when it comes time to move from one place to another and I don't want to miss any important phone calls.

I also love Google voice because you can also block unwanted callers too.  Like Telemarketers, per say?  Not that I've ever gotten any of course, as I am on the do not call list.  But you can bet you bottom dollar, that if I ever got a phone call from someone I did not want to speak to, then I could block it.  Plus when the person that calls that Google voice number, it rings all the numbers that I have linked to it.  At the moment, it rings both my home phone number and my cell phone number.  It is just *so* much easier to give this one number to anybody or anything, instead of my home, work, cell or whatever else numbers I have and I know I won't miss a call! 

Now at the moment Google Voice is only by invitation.  I have 2 invites left.  The first two people that leave a comment here, get's them.  First Come, First Serve!  Only one per person, per email, per IP address please. 

These invites are coming from me, and not anything to do with  I honestly believe that anyone that participates in entering sweepstakes, can use this to help them in their endevors.  I wasn't paid or compensated in any way for my opinions on Google Voice.  I truly love this service!


George said...

I have heard some very good things about google voice. I have an android phone (mytouch) and think this google service would be a very good addition.

Lisa said...

Hi George. I would love to send the invite for the Google voice to you, however I don't have an email address to send it to. If you are interested in this, please send me an email address to send the invite to at LittleSweepers at I will hold one invite for two weeks for you, so that it gives you a chance to get back with me.
Thanks for the comment too! Take Care, Lisa