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Actually I don't know what that means, but it sounded like a good title for a blog article.  Mainly being because Twitter is a very popular social media interface that is being used in many promotions nowadays.  Thus in turn, meaning more prizes to win for the people that actually learn about it and participate in it.

A couple of days ago, an article ran from on how to win prizes on Twitter.  You can go to the article by clicking this

Now I will freely admit, that I don't really understand Twitter.  YET!  I plan on using twitter and learning what I can, while entering contest/sweepstakes and what promotion may come across my desk.  I also have my own twitter user name and please feel free to follow my tweets.  My user name is LittleSweeper :)

As you surf the internet, you will now see more and more often, big name companies that have Facebook fan pages as well as Twitter pages.  Sign up for those if at all possible, as it can lead you toward new promotions and hopefully win lots of great prizes.

So far, I've won two prizes from twitter.  One was last year, from a local Chrysler dealership and I won a stainless steel mug.  The second win was about a week ago from Marshall's.  In today's mail, I received a gift card for $50 to use at their store!  Whoot!

Now this gc arrived at my house in a fedex envelope.  In the correct size that an affy would/could be in.  My husband opened the door to the FedEx man  and showed me the envelope and my heart always seems to feel like it skips a beat whenever I see these envelopes!  I mean, there's no telling what it could be, right?

  I honestly forgot about my win from Marshall from using twitter.  So even though it wasn't a huge win, it was a win.  Plus this little sweeper can go and buy something new for herself, hopefully very soon.

So if you haven't hopped on the Twitter Band Wagon, maybe today is the day you should?  You can always cancel your account, if you find it doesn't work for you or just ignore it.  But there are so many contest right now on Twitter, that it's unreal.  If you do decided to join Twitter or have already joined and would like me to follow you, please just comment here if you want, with your user name and I will follow you as well.  If you are not comfortable putting that information here, please feel free to drop me an email at littlesweepers at gmail dot com.  (I have written it that way, so that I hopefully don't get spam at that particular email address.)

Another social media platform that is really hot right now, is Facebook!  I'm sure most of you have heard of it, and more than likely either have your own page, or have been told about it from someone you know.  A lot of people are reluctant to join and have their personal information on there, in case of identity theft and/or other reasons for safety.  Safety is a top priority for me, and I totally understand that. Maybe create a facebook account, just for you to enter promotions and keep in contact with big companies.  Don't add friends and family to it, plus read up on the privacy settings.  It makes a huge difference on what people can and can not see on your facebook page.  If you ever have any questions about facebook, please ask.  I've only been using it for about a year now, but I really enjoy it!  I've had to really try and learn about the privacy settings, so that I can protect my family the best way I possibly can. 

I am also now creating a facebook fan page for this blog.  Now I will also freely admit, I have no clue what I am doing on this! :)  But I look at it like this.  I am taking a chance to learn something new and hopefully connect with other people that share this same hobby and interest as I do, which is sweepstaking!  When I get it put together, you can be sure I will add it here, for everyone to check out.

I also haven't forgotten about my spreadsheet for my 2010 Sweepstakes Winnings.  I was trying to make one using google documents, but I've hit a bit of a stubbling block on how to share that with people on this blog.  But I am also going to hopefully work on it again tonight.