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Wanna Get Cozi?

Okay, so my title to this entry is a little mmmm..interesting. LOL but it is relevant I promise.

I thought I would post something that could possibly help you in this hobby of Sweepstaking, or maybe just help you in general.  And I promise you it's nothing to do with Google.  (At least I don't think so.  But give them time,  as I am sure they will come up with something very similar)

What I am going to share with you guys today is something that I find helpful when I am trying to keep track of certain sweepstakes. There is a website that is basically an online calendar.  It's called Cozi Calendar.  This can come in handy to help you remember when sweepstakes either start or end.  As well as it can be set up to send you daily/weekly/monthly reminders to either your cell phone as a text msg or to your e-mail in-box, to remind you of whatever it is you don't want to forget.

I used to be a big Yahoo Calendar user, but for some reason, when I switched over to the computer that I am using now (which used to belong to my husband) I kept getting error message and would have to log out and then log back in again.  It really became a big pain in the butt and I got so frustrated, that I quit using it.  I don't remember how I found Cozi,  but quite possibly it was by doing a Google search. On Yahoo Calendar I would set it up, so I would know when to possibly enter a weekly or monthly sweepstakes, or remember when to be by the phone for any particular sweepstakes.  Example: in case Val-Pak called my house (They are well known for calling you once, and if you don't answer, they just move on without leaving you a phone message on your answering machine)  And that's basically what I do with Cozi, among other things.

Another neat feature of Cozi Calender is that you can set it up for family members. I believe you can have up to ten members on one account.  This is great to keep all the family's important dates and social activities all in one place.  It's also free, did I mention that?  You can make list and color code them as well.  You also are able to write down memories or "journal" your thoughts and even add photo's like a digital scrapbook.  I believe you can also share those thoughts with anyone you choose, however I don't do this, so I'm not too sure how well that works.

Right now Cozi is also having a sweepstakes!  So now would be a great time to join.  All the information is there on the front page, so feel free to check it out.  It doesn't run for much longer though, so don't dilly dally sally!  I believe their sweepstakes end either March 10th or March 11th, 2010.

I actually thought to mention it here, because I just went to my own cozi calendar to put in a date that I don't want to forget, which is the open house at my child's school.  (I have to have something to help me not forget these important parental activites).  Then I realized that other people might not actually know about cozi yet, so why not share it with others.

If you have another use for Cozi, that you would like to share here, please feel free to e-mail me at or submit a comment to share with everyone!

In other news with this "Little Sweeper", I got a text message on Friday that I was a grand prize winner of a sweepstakes.  It was a text message sweepstakes and it was with Coors Lite.  Even though I am not certain, I believe I  won a super bowl helmet collections.  They were actually giving away 100 of these as well as 100 first prizes of $100 Gift Cards.  I was kind of hoping for the $100 Gift Cards, since I don't collect any type of sports memoriabilla, but that's ok.  I am sure I can find a home for it.

In other non related sweepstakes news, I went to the movies today with my child and a couple of friends of ours. (Well, actually my daughter's friend and her friend's mother)  We saw Alice in Wonderland.  While it was an interesting movie, I guess I am just not a huge Tim Burton Fan.  We saw it in 3-D and unless my glasses were defective or I just didn't pay good enough attention, I really didn't see anything that made me go WOW!  I also honestly believe that whoever wrote the original story must have done some serious drugs during that time, as that story just kind of freaks me out a little!  And then when you add Tim Burton's vision of how he sees the Mad Hatter and other things in this story, well let's just say that it's probably a good thing I don't want to go to sleep just yet.

It's now almost 2 in the morning and I am still having trouble sleeping.  I do honestly hate being like this.  The only good thing is when it's late like this and I am all on my own, I can post to my blog and not be interupted as well as enter sweepstakes.  Which is what I am off to do now.

Until next Time!